Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Best Google Chromecast Review - What is google chromecast

Google Chromecast Review

Best Google Chromecast Review - What is google chromecastWhat is google chromecast?

Chromecast is a virtual broadcast and print media device perfected by Google . The gadget , a 2 .83-inch ( 72 mm ) HDMI dongle , will play audio/video material on a high-definition display by perfectly streaming it through Wireless wi-fi from the net or perhaps just your local network

So let me just give you my best honest google chromecast review, I thought I'd try the Chromecast out. What the blazes, $35 wasn't much so I purchased one. I've been utilizing it to watch Youtube yet I haven't utilized it with netflix yet. Connects to a HDMI port and USB for juice, you control it with your advanced mobile phone. Really cool! Works well as long as my system is steady. I like it and would suggest it to anybody.

  • Its a really great price, only $35 - You can NOT beat THAT! I believe the Apple TV is like $99 bucks, so that's a big difference in price. 
  • easiest setup and transport.
  • It has Netflix and YouTube, Plex, Realplayer, Pandora, Hulu, HBO GO & More!
  • You can Cast images from your Chrome tabs directly to the television.
  • It doesn't need or have a remote.
  • Your T.V needs to have an HDMI port.
  • The devive doesn't stream independently by itself, you'll need a smartphone, tablet, kindle fire, laptop or a desktop etc.
  • It doesn't work with Slingbox or Flixster.
Well all around I'll have to give The Chromecast 4 stars because its a really good prize and of course very easy to setup. Nevertheless It can be operated with lots of different devices. It's funny how I've been having so much fun with my new device streaming movies and videos from Youtube and i still recommend it to everyone.

Besides my Google Chromecast Review I'm going to do a Apple TV Review very soon. Unlike the Chromecast, the Apple TV does not come with an HDMI cord. Also it doesn't plug directly into the TV. I found out that it only works with other Mac products which really sucked seeing that i have an android phone and not an iphone.

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